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Dear Friend

I was furious and just about ready to punch an officer of the law right on the nose...

But, before I tell you the whole story, let me stress that I am not a violent person. And I have nothing against cops. In fact, I appreciate them very much for putting their lives on the line every day for our protection.

But when I got pulled over for driving just 3 miles above the speed limit, I was raging mad. Especially because I knew I hadn't done anything wrong.

To make matters worse, as I sat in my car fuming with anger, I watched the other cars passing by -- speeding past me, going at least 10 to 15 miles faster than I was going.

And, I thought to myself, "This is not fair!" These bozos were going much faster than me... and they were getting away with it!... ..While I got pulled over for going 3 miles over the limit.

But when it's your word against the word of a cop, you almost never win. So... I just sat there and took it, like I've done many times before. I watched the officer write up the ticket, tear it off and hand it to me while saying "Have a nice day" in a condescending manner.

Two days later, my friend told me about this report called "How to Beat Speeding Tickets!" And, being the skeptic that I am, I didn't really believe what the report was promising. So, I didn't do anything.

But, then I thought, "What the heck, I'll get the report anyway." I figured, if this report could help me avoid just one ticket, it would easily save me about a hundred dollars (and more) in ticket fines.

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Boy, am I ever glad I got the report! Because I have not got a single speeding ticket since! And I know that I probably won't have to pay for another speeding ticket ever again... whether I'm at fault or not... as long as I continue to use the insider secrets that are revealed in this special report. Secrets like these...

  • How to reveal if a cop is close by, long before he ever sees you... even if he's miles away...

  • How to use "shielding techniques" to become virtually invisible on the road.

  • How to locate 'speed traps' that cops use to sneak up on speeders. Find out where cops are most likely to hide and wait for you - even if you're in a completely new and unknown neighborhood!

  • The truth about radar detectors! Find out if it's actually helping you or hurting you!

  • How to use stealth, deception, and "hiding" strategies in your favor.

  • What's the best part of the road to travel, to dramatically reduce your chances of getting pulled over.

  • How to easily spot "undercover" and unmarked cop cars that most people will totally miss!

  • How to trick radar guns using this simple technique.

  • What you MUST know about areas where the speed limits are enforced by aircrafts.
The secrets revealed in this report will work anywhere, in any state within the USA. Because the strategies are not "location specific." In fact, they will probably work in most other countries outside of USA as well.

And, you'll find them all in this handy insider resource...

Beat YOUR Speeding Tickets! Dirty Secrets Cops Don't Want You To Know
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(Available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format for Windows and Mac)

But, that's just the beginning of what you'll discover! This report also shows you what to do even if you get caught speeding!

Let's be realistic here. Even with all the secret techniques and strategies at our fingertips, sometimes we just slip up, or we get distracted. What do you do then?

No problem. You'll also learn...
  • What to say, and more importantly, what NOT to say, when you get pulled over.

    Most people actually talk themselves right into getting a ticket by saying the wrong things! But you don't need be one of those people anymore!:-)

  • What to do when you don't have a valid excuse. Find out what excuses work and which fail miserably. (What you discover will surprise you!)

  • A little-known secret about "pulling over" that can save you a ticket. (This is information the cops really don't want you to have!)

  • How NOT to behave when stopped. Most people just make it way too easy for the cop to give them a ticket. These simple tips will help you present yourself in just the right way.
But, There's Still More!

You see... even with all these secrets at your disposal, there is still a chance that you may just have an "off" day and end up getting a ticket despite your best efforts. It happens to the best of us. Even the greatest athletes and performers have occasional bad days.

But, hey, you're covered! This report also tells you...
  • How to prepare for court (in case you've already received a ticket or end up getting one in the future.)

  • Find out what you should do even before you step into court.

  • How to impress the judge (without letting him know), and what to do/say in court even if you don't have an attorney.

  • What to say to the cop who gave you the ticket so he will talk to the judge in your favor!
I bet you're already beginning to realize just how valuable this little report can be to you. But let me explain to you...

What This Report Is Really About

Sure, you can use this powerful report to easily drive around "under the radar." You can talk yourself out of getting speeding tickets if you ever get pulled over. You can even use the little-known tips to win in court! (Avoiding just one speeding ticket will easily save you up to a hundred dollars or more of your hard-earned money!)

We all hate getting screwed over, especially when others get away for doing much worse! And this report does show you how to not get screwed. It shows you how to get out of situations even if you are at fault! (Hey, we all make mistakes at times.)

Listen... I don't speed around for no reason. And I don't encourage that you do so either, especially if you may be risking your life or the lives of people around you. That's just stupid.

Heck, for all I know, you could be an excellent driver and able to maneuver an automobile just like a race car driver. So you may be able to do it all very safely -- even when you are speeding.

The point is... sometimes, you can't help but speed. You may be in a hurry, or late for something, or you may even be having a real emergency!

That's when these secrets will really come in handy -- ESPECIALLY when you have a valid reason for speeding.

And, there are also times when you may not even realize that you are going faster than the legal speed limit -- until you get pulled over. If that ever happens to you, you'll wanna have these tips and strategies at your fingertips...

So yes, clearly these secrets can help you get out of speeding tickets. It can help you save money, and keep a clean driving record. It may even help keep your insurance premiums under control.

But it helps you do a lot more than that.

Because this report unleashes what most people don't know! It shows you how to be and do better than everyone else. It reveals the secrets that other people can only dream of having. It shows you how to beat the system... if you want to!

It's about more than saving money. It's about having the edge... and knowing what you're not supposed to know!

You can even impress your friends with this information. Or you can help them get out of trouble, just as my friend did for me when he told me about this great report!

This report helps you do all of that! But best of all, you can do all of this absolutely risk free! -Simply GRAB this report, go through it at your leisure, THEN decide in YOUR own time whether it's everything I say it is.

In fact, I am so confident about the value and practical use of this report that I am going to give you an almost ridiculously-generous...

100% "No-Questions-Asked"
Money-Back Guarantee!

It's really very simple...

If you aren't convinced, after reading this report for an entire 127 days, that it's the real thing, just send me an e-mail and ask for a complete - FULL refund of your investment price. You'll have NO nonsense from me or anyone else. Heck, you don't even need a reason to send it back -- I trust your judgment. If you're not satisfied for any reason, then I simply don't want your money!

The price for this report is really dirt-cheap -- in fact, at just $19.87, it's a LOT less than you'll have to pay for Your speeding ticket. And REMEMBER: It will help you keep a better driving record and Force your insurance premiums at MINIMUM... (And if that won't put a SMILE in your face, nothing ever will...)

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Oh... And there's one more thing...

When you order right now, I'll also throw in a special bonus section that Discloses more tips and tricks about speeding that most people have never seen or ever heard of... (..in Bonus section at end of report.)

Remember, everything in life is about preparation and "planning ahead." You never know when you'll need to use these secrets to get out of a mess -- whether you're at fault or not.

Don't wait for it to happen. The better prepared you are right now, the better chances you'll have at winning in life!


Richard Hart
Arne Yri


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