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How To Use the RSS Feeds on this Website?

  1. Locate the Category of Articles that you're interested in at Then you simply put the mouse cursor over the RSS Icon and click on it...

    For instance, if you're interested in Jewelry you simply locate the category "Jewelry" in the category tree.

    Locate the Orange RSS button at the bottom of the page. - Click that RSS button and in your browsers address bar - you will see a link /url, looking something like this:

    This (above) is your RSS News Feed URL for this chosen category.   (Note: The RSS button at the top right of every page at - is not for Syndication. It'll take you to the info about - RSS Feeds page.)
  2. Copy the RSS News Feed URL to the clipboard or write down the URL.
  3. In Your RSS News Reader Application, follow their instructions for creating a RSS News Feed by specifying the URL recorded from Step 2. Some News Reader applications will allow you to paste the URL feed directly from the Clipboard.

What is RSS?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a XML-based format for content distribution that includes headlines, summaries and links. RSS-aware programs called news aggregators, also known as news readers or RSS readers, make it possible to you to get the latest headlines and news of your interest - delivered directly to your desktop.

The benefit is obvious! You don't have to go to the websites only to find there's nothing new... Instead, the website will come to you - with fresh new content whenever the site is updated! Doesn't matter if you put the RSS on a website - or in an aggregator at your computer desktop.

WARNING: Not all RSS feeds providers will allow you to syndicate their news, articles and content through an online website. These may only allow you to add their RSS link to your desktop RSS reader application. So, remember, that even though you find a site with RSS feeds, you may not be allowed to add their links to your website readers. Therefore it is always wise to read each and every providers terms and disclaimers before taking action. And even contact them, if you're in doubt...

"Can I use the RSS Feeds at at my websites?"

- Sure you can! Use these RSS Feeds wherever you like! The only requirement is that you keep the code intact - and as is. For example, cloaking of our links is not allowed and will be treated and followed as Copyright Infringement to the fullest extent of the law.

Obviously, when referring to cloaking I'm talking about using these RSS Feeds at your website. And - That means that if someone clicks one of the syndicated feeds, our url will have to show in the browser/and address bars of the user. However, in most cases, you will not have any problems with this what-so-ever. I just mention this, so you will better know what is proper use of our feeds.

The reason for this? Well, by syndicating our content, you're using our bandwith - as well as getting you valuable content practically without lifting a finger. Even more so, it is completely Free! So I'd simply say thats a great deal to you to start attracting the search engines - thus valuable traffic to your websites in less than 3 minutes!

Follow these simple directions, and you can syndicate our RSS Feeds however you like! This means you can use our feeds both at your website - if you have one - as well in your Desktop NewsFeed Reader!

Why use RSS feeds and readers?
As a player in the industry, you need information fast and effective. RSS and news readers bring you the “what’s new” headlines, descriptions and links for all your favorite RSS-friendly websites directly to your desktop. News readers are set to check for new content periodically (usually every hour, but you can usually adjust that yourself in your RSS Newsreader) so you can enjoy the latest news and information - decide what you want to read, and then go directly to the articles.

Where can I get an RSS Reader?
There's a wide range of RSS Readers available for most operating systems, and many of them can be downloaded for free. Search “news aggregator or “RSS reader” on Google or Yahoo to locate one to download. Generally, the process for setting up an RSS feed with your RSS Reader involves the following steps. Please refer to your specific RSS Reader’s instructions for configuring an RSS Feed.

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