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By: Margene Ambrose
Find out how sustainable energy from the Greek aspects - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - can change fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Yes, I have been at discussions by Google where they take the government-led Corporatist prepared economy as an offered. This admission implies that much of the rationale for a prepared economy-the CAGW threat and the need to require Green Energy on everyone-is impossible.

There is a great deal of misconstruing about energy. We would make better options if it were more commonly understood that no person consumes" energy. By the 1st law of thermodynamics, energy is neither produced nor ruined. What we're in fact consuming is orderliness, or negative entropy, or neg-entropy. The most central expense analysis connects to the Second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy.

Fossil fuels get their energy from the sun likewise. The technique is that they include the dimension of time to concentrate solar power that has been collected over ages in far higher quantities than can be collected over spatial measurements. We need to all be quite concerned about the ecological effects of trying to collect equivalent amounts of solar power in real time, thereby diverting it from its normal impact on the planet. I do not see where that has actually been effectively analyzed.

Yes, I got it all along, but possibly didn't make that clear. My only problem was thegobbysh's remark We can never ever get more energy from a system than we put into it." Whilst that holds true, it has absolutely nothing to do with effectiveness of renewables powered by the sun, i.e. the subject of the whole thread. That is an engineering issue, which might be beyond us to fix, which is apparently the conclusion of the Google engineers. However exists a physical law which says that the energy to build a renewable resource setup must surpass the life time output of that installation? I do not think so.

I wonder if there isn't really some sort of financial or physical law at work here? There must be a direct relationship between energy density and financial value, right? It seems that it would be directed associated to entropy - after a specific level of diffusion all energy sources are uneconomic, with economic" merely being a measure of energy gain over time.

Now, one part of good news. While waiting for new riders in those extremely, very long taxi - herds" lined up prior to the taxis are packed with the next passenger, the electrical cabs will not be running (idling) and thus, will not be releasing their batteries.
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